Metamask on yandex

metamask on yandex

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MetaMask provides the simplest yet to access blockchain applications and.

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Is crypto currency real estate Start exploring blockchain applications in seconds. Learn more about PulsChain and How it works. At the bottom of the page, click Yandex Browser extensions catalog. If you try to install an extension from a different source, you will see one of these notifications:. PulseChain Testnet v4 is up. The extension is not technically compatible with Yandex Browser. Archive the extension and save it as a CRX3 file.
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How to install and use metamask extension for yandex - yandex metamask extension
Open Yandex browser and type Search for: SmartBCH. Click connect wallet. Metamask extension will appear (login if prompt). Based on a thorough analysis of existing extensions and user preferences, we selected the most popular, useful, and secure extensions for Yandex Browser. Download the most loved wallet. Multiple browsers and operating systems supported.
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